Leafly is the world's most trusted and popular cannabis information resource. 

I'm the Deputy Editor, which means I oversee the site's news team. 

Here's how I ended up there. 

In late 2015, after publishing Weed the People and TIME's "Marijuana Goes Main Street" special issue, I wanted to keep exploring the expanding legalization of cannabis. The issues were just too compelling to abandon. This historic change encompasses politics, economics, social justice, science, medicine, ethics, values, personal autonomy, and the human condition. 

At the same time, Leafly was going through some interesting changes of its own. The website and app, owned by Privateer Holdings, was growing its coverage of cannabis news and culture. While researching Weed the People, I'd gotten to know Brendan Kennedy and his team at Privateer. They were far and away the smartest and most professional people in the industry. More importantly, their values and ethics aligned with my own. 

In short order, I talked myself into a job. 

At Leafly, we cover cannabis like nobody else: We take it seriously. 

Our journalists have years of experience writing for mainstream newspapers and national magazines. You won't find funny-punny headlines that treat cannabis issues like a hippie's silly lark. You will find journalism written by reporters who actually give a damn about accuracy and clarity. 

Our readers are medical patients using cannabis to treat debilitating conditions. So we report on the latest medical research with an urgency and context you won't find anywhere else. Leafly's science director earned his PdD in neurobiology from Harvard. Our strain experts have years of experience with the product. Our readers are successful professionals who enjoy legal cannabis as a wellness product and a social enhancement. Some are longtime cannabis connoisseurs. Some are backyard growers. Some are industry professionals. Many of our readers are cannabis newcomers seeking solid, trusted information. We treat all with equal respect.  

Download the Leafly app for iPhone or Android, and add Leafly News to your browser's favorites bar. I think you'll enjoy what you read. 

If you're a writer with a story to pitch, please contact me at bruce.barcott@leafly.com. We pay competitive national rates for great journalism that just happens to take cannabis as its subject.