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May 06, 2013


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John Link

Do you know of any road bike helmets with the MIPS system?


John - Scott's Taal model is probably the closest thing to a pure road bike helmet. The Scott Lin model is a beefier mountain biking model, as is POC's MIPS helmet.


What about the Lazer Nutz Youth Helmet? I'm interested in the MIPS system helmets for my seven-year-old son as well as myself. There do not seem to be too many options around the 50 cm size.

Jim Pollock

The Scott Taal appears to only be available in one size??? Is that one size fits all? Or one size fits none? I sure have to try on several "adjustable" old-fashioned helmets to find one that fits.

Jim in Boulder

Betsy Brown

Thanks for writing this article, Bruce. I had a severe concussion from a low impact bicycle accident years ago. It never really made sense why I was so injured since I had been wearing a helmet. Now it does. I have just ordered new helmets from Suburban Ski and Bike for my husband and I.

Cindy S

Are equitation helmets being made with MIPS? I bike, and am certainly interested in a MIPS bike helmet, but my worst concussion was from a horseback riding accident. Concussion protection needed in those helmets too!

Terri T

Thank you for this information! I too am eager to get the best bicycling helmets for my 4 and 6 year old children. Are there any with MIPS? Any you would recommend? Thankyou!

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