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August 09, 2011


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Michael McCarthy

I think this article is a disgrace. How dare you name xxxxxx Island as the home of the spirit bear? I am sure that Marven must have told you that bear watching is his main source of annual income and that you should not name the island in your article. Why did you do it? Marven told me specifically that all sorts of yahoos would camp on the island, trudge through the undergrowth, leave behind garbage and ruin the secret if any writer ever named the island. Have you no sense of ethics? There will be hundreds if not thousands of idiots planning to land on the island now. Take a good look in the mirror and think of the damage your article will create for the Gitga'at and the bear. Is what NG paid you worth the harm you have done? Give your head a shake the next time you plan to do such a stupid thing. As a professional travel writer myself, I can't believe that any fellow writer would consciously choose to do something like this. Did your editor force you to? Shame on you.

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